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My One Year Anniversary   Leave a comment

My one year anniversary of this photoblog was last month and I can’t believe a whole year has gone by. It has been a few months since my last post and spring has arrived. From September to January, fine art takes a back seat to sports photography, family photos and portraits. Spring arrives and I get that ‘fine art’ itch back. I love the contrast of color, line, and shapes in this photo, in addition to the depth.  This is just a preview of, what I hope will be, many fine art nature photographs this Spring.

This photo was taken at Longwood Gardens in PA. I used my Nikon D80 with an ISO of 1250, f/6.3, and 1/4000 sec. shutter speed. This photo was not edited.


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Capturing Motion   Leave a comment

This is my second year as a spectator/photographer of bicycle racing. Every race is a little different. Some races the cyclists go by every few minutes and some they only go by once or twice in an hour. With forty or fifty cyclists going by at 25-35 mph, things happen fast…very fast. During short track races, the riders pass me every 5-10 minutes. This was taken during one of the short track races. I was playing around with various shutter speeds and panning the riders to capture the speed of the race. My husband is wearing the red jersey and he was the racer I was panning.  I was using my Nikon D80, f25, 1/25 sec shutter with an ISO 800.  I love experimenting with shutter speeds, especially during sports events. I love this feeling of speed in this photograph- I can almost feel the wind of the racers as they go by!

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Fun   Leave a comment

Sometimes all it takes is one word to describe a photograph: FUN.

This photograph says FUN to me. I took this photograph during a Memorial Day picnic at my in-laws house. Everyone was just hanging out and my daughter said, “Take a picture of my hair!” so she started jumping, dancing and whipping her hair all over the place. Of course, she was being ridiculous and was also cracking herself up. This is very good example of a ‘staged’ or ‘posed’ event that turned into something special. I love the surprise of taking pictures- especially of people/children. You never know when that magic moment will occur, and sometimes sticking with a subject for an extra frame (or twenty) will yield an emotional quality that you never expected. On this day, that moment was FUN.

Because it was a beautiful sunny day, I shot at an ISO of 400 with a aperture setting of 6.3. My shutter was set at 1/640. I cropped in Photoshop.

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Not Always Fine Art   Leave a comment

I have always considered myself a fine art photographer. Lately I have been rethinking that title. Over the years, I have lovingly taken hundreds of thousands of photographs of my children. I have been a child photographer, photojournalist, and  sports photographer. I have spent the last 21 years building a photographic history of my children’s lives.  Frequently, I hear, “You should be a professional photographer,” and I want that- someday. Maybe someday soon. Here are a few photos that I have taken in the last few months- all of my daughter. Whenever I start thinking that I should have spent more time committing to the profession of photography, I look back on the photos of my children and I am proud of both my photos and my children. Becoming a professional is on the horizon and when I finally make that leap I will have many years of experience behind me!

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Orchids   Leave a comment

OK, I know the title of this blog is “Orchids” and this picture is obviously a yellow hibiscus, but let me explain. Late in March, Longwood Gardens hosts the International Orchid Show and Sale. I have been going for the past few years with my niece, who is an orchid aficionado. I look forward to spending the an afternoon or two taking pictures of the numerous varieties of orchids displayed during the show. I have some very pretty orchid photos on my site (see the link on the left), but this is my favorite photo of the day. I took this photo in the greenhouse of the conservatory. The hibiscus bloom was larger than my hand and I wanted to convey the impressiveness of the flower.

I took this photo with my Nikon D-80, F5.6 @ 1/2000 sec. ISO 400 (no flash, auto white balance.) What I love the most about this picture is the sharpness on the stamen of the flower and the soft focus of the petals. This picture is exactly as shot and I think I knew this was going to be my favorite the moment I took it.

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Getting the Shot   2 comments

Spring Sunset

Very good photographers ALWAYS have their camera. I, however, am guilty of seeing great shots and NEVER having my camera with me. I am constantly kicking myself for leaving my camera home when I run errands, because that is usually when the sunset is burning up the sky or a filly is romping through a field. A few afternoons ago, I took my camera with me to drop my daughter off at dance. On the way home, I saw this sunset, pulled over, and took the shot out of the car window. Next time I will take my tripod, but for now, I am pretty happy with this shot. Next shot I’m planning to get…the peach trees in bloom.

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Eye of the Beholder…   Leave a comment

Beauty in the Unexpected

I love when something unexpected becomes a beautiful photo. Last Memorial Day, our family had a ‘shrimp boil’ and I decided to document the feast on film. I took pictures of the entire process from boiling, to dumping, to feasting (see my flickr set Shrimp Boil.) At the end of the dinner, I stood up on the picnic table bench and took an overhead shot of what was left on the table.

I took this picture with my Nikon D80, f/5.3, 1/320 sec., and my ISO was set at 1600 (probably because it was very late in the afternoon/early evening.) The white paper covering the table became the perfect background to show off the colors of the corn, shrimp shells, celery and potatoes. This photo was my favorite because of the strong diagonal of muted colors balanced by the saturated color of the corncob contrasting the white paper. Beauty in the unexpected.

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