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Capturing Motion   Leave a comment

This is my second year as a spectator/photographer of bicycle racing. Every race is a little different. Some races the cyclists go by every few minutes and some they only go by once or twice in an hour. With forty or fifty cyclists going by at 25-35 mph, things happen fast…very fast. During short track races, the riders pass me every 5-10 minutes. This was taken during one of the short track races. I was playing around with various shutter speeds and panning the riders to capture the speed of the race. My husband is wearing the red jersey and he was the racer I was panning.  I was using my Nikon D80, f25, 1/25 sec shutter with an ISO 800.  I love experimenting with shutter speeds, especially during sports events. I love this feeling of speed in this photograph- I can almost feel the wind of the racers as they go by!


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