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Sometimes all it takes is one word to describe a photograph: FUN.

This photograph says FUN to me. I took this photograph during a Memorial Day picnic at my in-laws house. Everyone was just hanging out and my daughter said, “Take a picture of my hair!” so she started jumping, dancing and whipping her hair all over the place. Of course, she was being ridiculous and was also cracking herself up. This is very good example of a ‘staged’ or ‘posed’ event that turned into something special. I love the surprise of taking pictures- especially of people/children. You never know when that magic moment will occur, and sometimes sticking with a subject for an extra frame (or twenty) will yield an emotional quality that you never expected. On this day, that moment was FUN.

Because it was a beautiful sunny day, I shot at an ISO of 400 with a aperture setting of 6.3. My shutter was set at 1/640. I cropped in Photoshop.


Posted June 11, 2011 by Karen Greene Malos in Fine Art, People