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Not Always Fine Art   Leave a comment

I have always considered myself a fine art photographer. Lately I have been rethinking that title. Over the years, I have lovingly taken hundreds of thousands of photographs of my children. I have been a child photographer, photojournalist, and  sports photographer. I have spent the last 21 years building a photographic history of my children’s lives.  Frequently, I hear, “You should be a professional photographer,” and I want that- someday. Maybe someday soon. Here are a few photos that I have taken in the last few months- all of my daughter. Whenever I start thinking that I should have spent more time committing to the profession of photography, I look back on the photos of my children and I am proud of both my photos and my children. Becoming a professional is on the horizon and when I finally make that leap I will have many years of experience behind me!


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