Getting the Shot   2 comments

Spring Sunset

Very good photographers ALWAYS have their camera. I, however, am guilty of seeing great shots and NEVER having my camera with me. I am constantly kicking myself for leaving my camera home when I run errands, because that is usually when the sunset is burning up the sky or a filly is romping through a field. A few afternoons ago, I took my camera with me to drop my daughter off at dance. On the way home, I saw this sunset, pulled over, and took the shot out of the car window. Next time I will take my tripod, but for now, I am pretty happy with this shot. Next shot I’m planning to get…the peach trees in bloom.


Posted April 8, 2011 by Karen Greene Malos in Fine Art, Nature

2 responses to “Getting the Shot

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  1. I, too, see great shots but never have a camera. (well, NEVER is not quite true)

  2. You can carry the camera 24 hrs a day, Karen….and never have the talent and the “eye”. You have both the talent and the “eye”!!

    Keep snapping!

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